Plugadget M.2 NVMe SSD NGFF to PCIE X4 Adapter Card M Key-B Dual Interface Expansion Card Supports 20110 SSD

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  • Features:

  • 1. This riser card uses differential wire pair routing and supports PCI-E 3.0 4X signals.
  • 2. M.2 NGFF to PCI-E X4 adapter card, use this adapter card to convert the ordinary PCI-E X4 interface to M.2 NGFF interface and connect to the motherboard through a SATA cable, which can be connected to the SSD of the SATA protocol. There are 5 fixed holes on it, which are 22x32mm, 22x42mm, 22x60mm, 22x80mm, 22x110mm.
  • 3. The following slots: Support M.2 of NVME protocol for Samsung PM961, 960EVO, SM961, PM951, sm951, 600P, Liteon T10, etc. M.2 of the SATA protocol is not supported. The upper slot: Support SATA protocol M.2 KEY-BM
  • 4. Equipped with metal baffle to make the riser card firm and stable
  • 5. Plug and play, simple operation and easy to use

  • Product name: PCI-E 4X to M.2 Key M+B dual interface adapter card
  • Product model: PCENGFF-N03
  • Product interface: PCI-E 1X PCI-E 4X
  • Data transmission speed: 10000 (MB/s)
  • Support system: compatible with WIN7/WIN8/WIN8.1/WIN10 system
  • colour:Black
  • Material:PCB+metal
  • size:Bezel: 12cm
  • Package included:
  • 1 x Adapter card
  • 1 x SATA3.0 data cable