Plugadget USB Hub 3.0 USB Splitter Multi USB 3.0 Hub Multiple 4 Port Hab Splitters With Power Adapter Computer Accessories Hub For PC



---USB power supply mode and DC power supply mode.

---USB3.0 super high-speed transmission rate, the transmission rate can reach up to 5Gbps per second.

---Backward compatible with USB2.0, USB1.1.

---Supports plug and play and hot plug functions for hubs and peripheral devices.

---4 ports are designed for current overload detection and protection.

No need to install any drivers.

---Compatible with Windows 7 / Vista / XP and other operating systems.

---Transmission rate: 5Gbps.

---ON/OFF switches activate or deactivate individual ports

---Designed with 4-port this compact USB3.0 high-speed hub is small enough for travel,and cable enough to meet your connectivity needs

Size: 105mm × 36.5mm × 27mm