Plugadget USB to RS232 cable COM Port Serial 9 Pin DB9 Cable Adapter Converter PROLIFIC-PL2303 usb2.0 to RS232 cable

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Anti electromagnetic interference Design,15KV electrostatic protection,USB bus power supply.

According to USB1.1 specification,supports full USB data transmission protocol,anti electromagnetic interference Design,USB bus power supply,COM ports can be manually adjusted to use,port parameters.

Baud rate: 300-1M Baud

Data bits: 5,6,7,8

Stop bits: 1,1.5,2

Stop bits: 1,1.5,2

Parity: odd, even, no, marks, spaces

Flow control: Xon/Xoff, RTS/CTS, NONE

support Windows 8 (32/64) / Windows 7 (32/64) / Vista (32/64) / XP (32/64) /Server 2008 (32/64) / Server (32/64) 2003 / ME / 98 / CE (V4.2 and above) /Linux (version 2.4 and above) / Mac OS (8, 9 and above)


tax control machine,CNC machine tool,PDA,Modem,set-top box,bar code machine,MCU/PLD/FPGA to industrial control based on USB interface,industrial machinery, instrument.

Package Included: 

1 x USB2.0 to RS232 9P Cable Adapter