2pcs Plugadget RCA Cable 3 RCA Male Jack to 6 RCA Female Plug Splitter Audio Video AV Adapter Cable

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3 RCA Male Jack to 6 RCA Female Plug Splitter Audio Video AV TV DVD Adapter Cable

Standard RCA Video, Audio R-&-L (yellow-red-white) connectors

Used to connect RCA Audio Video devices such as TV, DVD, etc

Connectors: 3 RCA Male and 6 RCA Female

Apply For:To Connect RCA Audio/Video Devices Such As TV, DVD, etc.

Quantity: 2pcs

Question:Can I use this to connect two cd players to the one input on my amplifier?

Answer: Yes, It should work as long as only one is on at a time. I use it with 2 separate game systems with no problem.

Question: Can this be used to connect one game console to two TVs?

Answer: No, you would need two male ends and one female end.

Question: Will this work for my tv headphones?

Answer: Of course the splitter has to be plugged into the TV.

Question: Can I use this to run two tvs from my DVD player in the car so both tv will have same picture?

Answer: Yes, I used them for the two tv's in my bedroom.

Question: Can i connect two audio devices to my TV and use them simultaneously, i.e. My stereo receiver and a sound bar?

Answer: Yes 

Question: Are these three separate splitter cables, one red, one yellow, one white? Its hard to tell from the picture or description.

Answer: It's one complete cable. They are not seperated. 

Question: Can i use to connect another set of speakers

Answer: I believe you can. I used it to connect headset and output to my wife hearing aids. 

Package Included:

2 x 3 RCA Male Jack to 6 RCA Female Cable