2pcs Plugadget USB 2.0 A Male To 2 Dual Female USB Y Splitter Transfer Data Hub Power Cord Adapter Charging Extension Cable For Hard Disks

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1.The Y Splitter cable one interface allow transfer data and charging.The other one interface can only charging.In addition for Apple devices are not compatible with charging and data.

2.Can Be Used To Connect Hard Disks, Wireless Network Cards, Cameras, Printers And Other Equipment.

3.This Extension Can Be Up To 1000ma Current, All Hard Disk Cartridges Including SSD Solid State Hard Drives On The Market Can Take.

Cable Length: 35cm/13.8in

Function: Data Transmission, Charging

Port Quantities: 2 Ports

Color: Black

Quantity: 2pcs

Suitable Device: USB Interface Device

Package Included:

2 x USB 2.0 Male to Dual USB Female Cable