Plugadget 1080P HDMI Network Extender Adapter Over Single Cat 6-568B 30m Transmission HD Signal High Quality HDMI Extender

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This HDMI extender is a Cat6 line that can extend the HD signal up to 30 meters, and the resolution can reach 1080P. It not only break the HDMI cable transmission length limit, but also is more convenient and flexible.

It is especially designed for monitoring and suitable for DVR, NVR etc.

Connecting method:

1. Connect the HDMI source (DVR, NVR) to the HDMI extender transmitter;

2. Use Category 6 cable to connect the network interface between the sender and the receiver;

3. Connect the HDMI extender receiver to a display device (such as a high-definition TV, splicing screen, etc.)

1. Supports 1080P, supports 165MHz/ 165Gbps single channel (4.95Gbps all channels) bandwidth

2. Support 8bit single channel (24bit all channels), dark color

3. Use Category 6 cable (recommended), transmission distance up to 30 meters, resolution up to 1080P

4. Support uncompressed two-channel audio transmission, such as LPCM

5. The cable is connected according to the IEEE-568B standard

6. Small and compact appearance

7. Simple installation

8. No external power supply required

9. No signal loss

Package Included:

1 x HDMI Network Extender