Plugadget 2 Port SFP network card 1G fiber optic network card PCIe 4X Server Lan card with Intel 82576

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Intel-based dual-port copper Gigabit Ethernet PCI Express server with dual fiber port copper PCI Express server adapter card is a PCI-Express X4 copper cable Gigabit Ethernet fiber network interface card, its PCI-Express adapter There are multiple/single Gigabit fiber ports on the card.

The adapter card is designed for servers and high-end equipment. And the performance has been optimized so that system I/O is no longer a bottleneck for network applications.

The adapter card can realize fault tolerance through bundling groups. Traffic from the failed port will be routed to other members of the same group.

The adapter card has inherited hardware acceleration functions and can perform TCP/UDP/IP checksum offloading and TCP segmentation tasks. Host processing technology can offload accelerators, free up CPU resources, and process other applications.

The adapter card is an ideal solution for deploying multiple networks and deploying critical network applications and environments on high-performance servers.

The adapter card is based on Intel 82576 Gigabit Ethernet MAC+PHY (Media Access Controller and Physical Interface Transceiver) dual fiber port controller.

Product model: TXA067 82576 server network card

Product type: Desktop network card

Chip: Intel 82576

Use network type: Gigabit Ethernet

Transmission rate: 10/100/1000Mbps

Bus type: PCI-E X4

Network standard: IEEE 802.3ad

Transmission medium type: 4 to 5 UTP

LED indicator: 4 LED indicators

Remote wake-up function: support remote wake-up function

Operating system: Microsoft Windows Server 2003 SP2, Unified Storage Solution 2003 Windows Server 2008, Linux Stable Kernel 2.6, Linux RHEL 4, EHEL 5Linux SLES9, Linux SLES 10, FreeBSD 7.0, VMware ESX 3.x

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1 x Network Card