Plugadget 2PCS 3.5mm Y Splitter 2 Jack Male to 1 Female Headphone Mic Audio Adapter Cable 3.5mm Female to 2 Male Extension Cable

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Use: Connect the audio and microphone plug on one end of the patch cord to the corresponding jack on the computer. The other end of the jack can be connected to the phone headset or the headset with a microphone. It can achieve the effect that the headset can both listen and speak on the computer. . Solved the problem that you can't directly use the headphones to talk on the computer!

Machine: All computers with sound cards, including desktops and notebooks, can be used.

Advantages: 100% lossless sound quality. The audio dual 3.5MM plug design is perfectly compatible with audio equipment. The original compact and portable design allows you to enjoy your voice at any time. This line is used for mobile phone headsets with wheat, (Sony, Blackberry, HTC, LG, Huawei, Xiaomi, Samsung, 3.5 headphones) and other series of headsets with wheat transfer on the computer.

CTIA standards: Samsung, Apple, Sony, Xiaomi, MOTO, Meizu (partial) Nokia Lumia series WP7 series can listen to songs in the computer are all CTIA standards.


Brand new and high quality.

Allows connection to any 3.5mm stereo headphone With Mic.

Two male ports:one for Headphone Jack on your PC/Laptop,the other for Mic Jack on your PC/Laptop. Ideal for microphone additions (input) and desktop/laptop audio (output).

The Cables 3.5mm stereo y-splitter cable allows you to easily connect your stereo headset & Mic to a PC audio port and mic port at the same time.

Function: audio transfer

color: red

Length: 20cm

Quantity:2 pcs

Interface: Gold-plated

Package Included:

2 x 3.5mm Female to 2 Male Extension Cable