Plugadget 2PCS Car MP3 Player Converter 3.5 mm Male AUX Audio Jack Plug To USB 2.0 Female Converter Cable Cord Adapter

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Car stereo 3.5 MM AUX interface is not have play MP3 audio decoding function, so can't use this cable.

only have play MP3 audio decoding function of GPS, CD, DVD audio: to use this cable line 3.5 MM plug GPS, CD, DVD audio on 3.5 MM AUX audio interface, on the other side of USB plug in USB to realize auto play songs U disk, after the line 3.5 MM plug on the car stereo AUX audio interface, the other USB connect on the USB flash drive. Realize the car playback U disk songs. Play music for pure sound.

1.only for car connect with usb flash,do not for any other equipment

2.need your car have audio decoding capabilty(40% car do not have,please call with 4S store self query)

3.U disk capacity should not be too large; depending on the car's AUX audio interface to support how much capacity, U disk which can not have other files and do not create other folder, only installed MP3 format songs is ok. 

Special reminder: this product has compatibility, not all models can be used, it is recommended that you carefully read the car manual, confirm that the car has this function to buy, do not have this function of the car, can not use this type of wiring, careful purchase!!!



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2 x USB to 3.5mm Cable