Plugadget 2PCS CPU COOLER Bracket Motherboard back plate for AMD AM2/AM2+/AM3/AM3+/FM1/FM2 Install the fastening

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(1)Retention Bracket & Base for AMD Socket : AM2、AM2+、AM3、AM3+;

(2)For chipset: C51、N61、N78、A760、A770、A780、A785、A880、A960、A970、A990 and part number A55/A75/A85;

(3)Environmentally friendly, non-toxic material,well-made, strong and durable;

(4)Special architectural design, to conduct the weight to the back and stand;

(5)Easy and convenient to install.


The CPU is getting hotter and hotter, the heat sink is getting heavier, and the motherboard PCB is getting thinner.

Over time, the motherboard is slowly deformed, the component connectors are not in good contact, and various strange problems arise. What should I do?

This AM2/AM3 motherboard mounting bracket is specially designed for this purpose. It has a special structure design, which guides the weight to the backboard and the bracket to share the problem, solve the problem, and has good effect, excellent workmanship and durability.

The universal bracket is modified into screws and the back plate in a fixed way, which is more stable.Prevent the long-term use of aging caused by the plastic card mouth loose to cause high temperature phenomenon,Greatly prevent the deformation of the main board and extend the life of the motherboard,strengthen the heat sink and CPU's fit, greatly increase the heat dissipation effect!

Best replacement for your old or broken one. Easy for installation

AMD heat sink dedicated motherboard bracket Reinforced backplane to prevent deformation of the motherboard.

This product is suitable for the following interfaces: AM2, AM2+, AM3, AM3+. The chipset is suitable for: C51, N61, N78, A760, A770, A780, A785, A880, A960, A970, A990, and A55/A75/A85.

Material: Plastic

Color: Blue+Black

Quantity: 2pcs

Size hole distance is 96 * 48mm

Package Included:

2 x CPU Cooler Bracket