Plugadget 3.5mm-S2 Camera Remote Shutter Release Connect Cable For Sony a9/A7Riii/A6500 EY

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This cable is specially designed for cable removable/changeable timer or wireless timer,

which means if you have such timer,you just need to buy additional cable instead of a timer for your other model camera.

Heavy duty coiled cabel,very elastic.

High quality and 100% satisfaction guaranteed,value for money

This Shutter Release Cable is used to connect flash triggers, remote controls etc.

With it, you can acheive the function of wireless remote control or trigger; You also can connect it to camera for control like wired shutter cable as RS-60E3.

Stretchable spiral coiled cord, easy to use and carry.


Suitable For Sony a9/A7Riii A6500/ A6300/ ILCE-6000(A6000) / A5100/ A5000/ ILCE-7S(A7s) /A7SII/ ILCE-7R(A7r) /A7Rii /ILCE-7(A7) /A7ii /A7m2/ A3000/ 

NEX-3N/ A58/ HX50/ HX60 /HX300/ HX400/ RX100M2(RX100II) /RX100M3(RX100III) /RX100M4/ RX100M5

Material: Plastic

Size:Standard size



Package Included:

1 x Connecting Cable