Plugadget 4 PIN S-VIDEO Male To TV RCA AV Female Plug Cable M to F Pin S Video Adapter

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S-Video Composite Adapter works with all VGA with S-Video interface

The adapter allows an S-Video device to be connected to a composite video device.

Precision stranded copper conductors deliver the ultimate color separation clarity.

Low profile design allows easy integration behind components.

A miniaturized passive converter filtering circuit is built inside the slim contoured body.

Bi-directional design, S-video to RCA or RCA to S-video.

Its unique low signal loss circuitry allows two-way conversion from S-video to composite.

S-Video 4-Pin Male to RCA Male,The design is small enough that it easily fits directly into crowded panel mounted S-Video and RCA jacks found on the back of today A/V equipment.

Package Included: 

1 x Adapter