Plugadget 45CM 10 Pin Motherboard Female Header to 2 Port Dual USB 2.0 Male Adapter Dupont Y Splitter Cable (10Pin/2AM)

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The conductor uses 28AWG bare copper wire, aluminum foil attached body, plus braided shield. Reduce signal transmission attenuation. 

The sheath material is HDPE, and the outer cover is black PVC, which is soft and tensile.Lightweight and beautiful, easy to carry;

Used around digital products and computers, support hot plug, plug and play;

High quality and high speed, exquisite workmanship, high quality and low price;

Exquisite workmanship, full materials, multi-layer shielding, anti-interference, fast signal transmission, suitable scope: computer, industrial computer, card reader, etc.


Brand New and High Quality.

10 Pin Motherboard Female Header to Dual USB 2.0 Male Adapter Cable.

Convert an internal motherboard header Port to two USB 2.0 Male port.

Colour: Black.

Cable Length: 45CM.

Package Included:

1 x USB Cable