Plugadget 90 degree Right Left angle L type SATA cable Mini SAS Cable Mini SAS 36P to 36 Pin SFF-8087 to SFF8087 HD Data Cable 0.8M

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  • Features:
  • The SFF-8087 interface is mainly used on the MINI SAS 4i array card. It is used as an internal SAS cable. This adapter cable supports data transmission of 4 channels of 3Gbps*4Lane with a transmission rate of 6Gbps.

  • Product Name: minSAS line 36P to 36P 90 degree Right Left angle

  • Wire material, oxygen-free copper

  • Length 0.8M

  • Interface Type SFF 8087-SFF 8087

  • Weight: 44g

  • Specifications:

  • Serial Attached SCSI (SAS) is a high-speed data storage interface designed for high-throughput and fast data access. Intended primarily for data storage centers the SAS interface is backwards compatible with SATA.

  • This allows the user to mix more expensive lower-capacity SAS drives for applications that require faster data access and higher reliability with lower-cost higher-capacity SATA drives for applications with lower access speed requirements.      
  • Package included:
  • 1 x SFF-8087 to 8087 cable