Plugadget ATX 24Pin to SATA 15Pin Dual PSU Adapter Molex Power Supply Sync Starter Extension Cable Card For Litecoin Mining Miner

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Due to the high-power power supply is expensive, with this PSU adapter you can make two small power supply switch at the same time, thus increasing the power supply.

When connected with 5 graphics cards to brush Coin, the power supply is not enough. And high-power power supply is always out of stock in the market and the price is also very expensive. Please don't worry! The PSU adapter can solve your problem. Through this adapter you can make two power supply Switch machine at the same time, Assigning the graphics card power to 2 small power supply instead of the high-power power supply.


The main power supply's SATA Male is connected with the PSU's SATA Female. And the secondary power supply's 24PIN Male is connected with the PSU's 24Pin female.

 Package Included:

1 x ATX 24Pin to SATA Power Adapter