Plugadget Dell DW5809e Sierra Wireless Airprime EM7305 4G LTE WWAN M.2 NGFF Card Module For Laptop Latitude 3340 E5250 E5450 E5550 E7250

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Category:4G module

Manufacturer:Sierra Wireless Company

Chipset: MDM 9215 Qualcomm

Interface:PCIe M.2

Pins: 52 pin

Dimensions:42 × 30 × 2.3mm


DLOAD speed of 100 Mbps

Upload speed of 50 Mbps

Temperature -25oC to 60oC

Certification CE, GCF, NCC (Taiwan)

Telecom operators authorized Vodafone, Telstra

Interface USB

No voice support

Frequency Band

GPRS/EDGE:850/900/1800/1900 MHz

WCDMA:800/1700/2100 MHz

LTE:2600/1800/2100 MHz

Compatible with Dell

Latitude 3340

Latitude E5250/5250

Latitude E5450/5450

Latitude E5550/5550

Latitude E7250/7250

Latitude E7450

Package Included: 

1 x EM7305 Module