Plugadget DMS-59pin Male to Dual 15Pin VGA RGB Female Splitter Extension Cable for PC Graphics Card

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1.Brand new and high quality

2.Connector: 1 x DMS-59 (male), 2 x 15 pin VGA (female)

3.Split the video signal from your DMS-59 video output to two separate monitors

4.Connect your computer to two monitors through one video card

5.Foil shielded to prevent EMI / RFI Interference

Length: 25CM

If your desktop graphics card supports dual LCD monitors, this DVIY-Splitter will provide the necessary connection from your graphics card to dual LCD monitors via DVI cable connection.

DMS-59Pin Male to Dual VGA Female Splitter Extension Cable for PC Graphics Card

Compatible with ALL DMS-59 video cards

Will allow you to connect your DMS-59 video card to 2-standard vga connector!

Splits your video card DMS59 Pin output to allow use of  2- vga connected Monitor at the same time

Please  do your own additional application research before buying, we cannot   provide technical support for programmingInstructions, manuals, install disks, additional hardware, or software are not included unless   specified in this listing.

Package Included:

1 x DMS-59pin Male to Dual VGA Cable