Plugadget Dual Band Wi-Fi 6 Intel AX200 Card M.2 A+E Key To M.2 Key-M NVMe SSD Port Wireless Adapter Wifi Bluetooth 5.1 3000Mbps 802.11ax

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Wifi 6 Intel AX200 M.2 Key M

Model: New Wi-Fi 6 AX200 (AX200NGW);

​Interface: M.2 Key E To M.2 Key M, Not compatible with M.2:CNVI;

Dual band: 2.4Ghz / 5Ghz (160Mhz);

Speed up to 2400Mbps (The router must on 160Mhz)(802.11ax);

Support Bluetooth 5.1;

Support MU-MIMO;

Support Windows 10 64bit, Linux;

Note: Not support Windows 7/8/8.1. Don't compatible with Lenovo and HP laptop.

NOTE: This adapter does not support any A Key and E Key wireless network cards of CNVI protocol.

Function: Convert the M.2 KEY-M interface of the motherboard or notebook to M.2 KEY A-E or KEY E interface.


1. This product only supports A+E key and E key M.2 NGFF PCIE protocol wireless network card type wireless module.

2. Some M.2 NGFF wireless network cards do not support AMD motherboards 

3. The riser card only changes the interface form of the wireless module and does not change any performance of the module.

Package Included: 

1 x AX200NGW

1 x Adapter Card