Plugadget For PC Case Fan Cooling Cooler Fan Adapter LED RGB Remote Controller+RF Wireless Remote Control Computer Components

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Remote control RGB light controller.

Compatible with all RGB lighting components products.

The RGB light can be controlled by the controller to realize the lighting effect of the mufti group lighting components.

On board indicator light: the abnormal state of the blue light flashing, the normal state of the blue indicator light often.

Twenty kinds of color adjustment, eight levels of brightness adjustment, the speed adjustment of the eight, the ten dynamic mode switch, power failure memory function.

Voltage: 12V

Input interface: 6Pin anti plug interface

Output interface: 4Pin anti plug interface

Fixed mode: screw or adhesive

Control mode: RF remote control

connect with 10 Fans & 2 LED strips

Battery included.

color: As Shown

Package Included:

1 x Remote Control(Battery included)

1 x Control Panel