Plugadget HPDB50 SCSI Cable HPDB50 Pin Male To Male Cable HPDB 50 Pin to HPDB 50Pin Cable Professional Customization 0.5m(1.6ft)

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SCSI HPDB50 Male/Male Cable

Wire color: Black

Length: 0.5 meter (1.6ft)

Range of use:

Used to connect tape drives, SCSI recorders, SCSI scanners, disk array magnetic library tapes, MO machines, for some special equipment, etc.

Efficient transmission and stable performance.

The wire is made of pure copper core, plus aluminum foil shielding, double braided shielding, anti-interference, and long-term use in work.

Gold-plated plug, good transmission.

Nickel plating is adopted, and the interface is precise and precise to ensure stable data transmission.

Package included:

1 x SCSI Cable