Plugadget Internal 12G HD Mini SAS SFF-8643 to 4 x SATA Cable Hard Drive Cable,HD Mini SAS Host/Controller to 4 SATA Target/Backplane

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  • Features:

  • Internal HD Mini SAS cable is specifically designed to connect a 12 Gbps host or RAID controller with SFF-8643 to 4 discrete SATA drives; 

  • Mini SAS HD to SATA adapter cable provides reliable internal connectivity between a high density RAID controller card and direct attached storage devices with a SATA plug.

  • Hybrid versions of HD MiniSAS cable with a 36 pin SFF 8643 connector and 4 x 7 pin SATA connectors provides both 3 Gbps and 6 Gbps compatibility while migrating to a to 12 Gbps storage area network system.

  • Forward HD Mini SAS cable has an internal SFF-8643 (HOST) HD Mini-SAS 36 pin connector and 4 x SATA 7 pin (TARGET) drive connectors; 

  • Target drive SATA connectors with stainless steel latches to provide a secure connection.

  • SFF 8643 compatible with the Adaptec RAID 71605 / 7895 Storage Controllers.

  • HD MiniSAS breakout cable includes acetate cloth tape over slim ribbon cables for strain relief to protect cables without rigidity; 

  • Woven mesh sheath covers half of the cable for easy routing; 
  • P1 to P4 markers provide easy ID after installation;
  • Package included:
  • 1 x SFF-8643 to sata Cable