Plugadget Micro USB Male to Micro USB 5Pin Female plug Down Angled Extension Cable Adapter Converter

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Note: OTG function is not support

Length: 25 cm

1. The conductor used 28 awg bare copper wire, aluminum foil add ground appendage.Reduce the signal transmission attenuation.

2.The sheath material is PVC ,Outside used black PU, soft, tensile.

3. Light and beautiful, convenient travel carry;

4. Apply to all MP3 / MP4 / mobile/GPS/digital camera extension and download data, supporting hot plug, plug and play;

5. High quality, high speed, exquisite workmanship, excellent quality, low price;

6. Quick and easy to convert USB interface type, also the transmission speed of USB 2.0;Support USB 2.0 interface, transmission speed up to 480 MBPS.

7, support Win98/2000 / XP/Vista/Windows 7, Mac OS V9.0 or higher;

8, fine workmanship, materials, multilayer shielding anti-interference, ensure rapid transmission signal.

Package Included:

1 x Micro USB Male to Micro USB 5Pin Female(Up Down Left Right)