Plugadget Micro USB Male to USB 2.0 Female USB OTG Up Down degree Adapter Converter

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Product name: USB female to micro male bend 90° USB adapter

Product function: OTG function

Product orientation: upwards downwards

Product color: black

Product plug: micro5P male USB connector

What is OTG? OTG is the abbreviation of On-The-Go, which is mainly used for connection between various devices or mobile devices for data exchange. Especially tablets, mobile phones, consumer devices. It is inconvenient to change the data exchange between memory cards of as many as 7 standards by changing the connectors of many different standards between devices such as digital cameras, video cameras, printers, etc. To put it simply: the device directly transmits data end-to-end without using a computer,

For example: mobile phone + OTG line + U disk, the mobile phone can directly read the word, excel and video data in the U disk. The biggest highlight of OTG: it is to throw away the computer and directly transmit it end-to-end, which is more convenient and fast. simple. OTG compatibility: This model is a Micro Usb interface. In addition to the Micro Usb interface, the supporting device must support the OTG protocol. Mobile phones or tablets have OTG function, connect U disk through OTG.

① Connect the U disk through OTG, the mobile phone can read the data in the U disk.

② Connect multi-function card reader through OTG, which is more versatile.

③ Connect the keyboard via OTG, you can enter text and other information on the phone screen through the external keyboard.

④ Connect the mouse via OTG and use the mouse to operate the mobile phone.

⑤ Connect a digital camera via OTG and read the digital camera photos.

⑥ Connect the camera via OTG and read the camera's photos and videos.

⑦ Connect the game controller via OTG (some drivers must be compatible).

⑧ Charge other mobile phones, MP3, MP4, etc. via OTG.

⑨ Power supply for small USB fans, USB desk lamps, etc. via OTG.

(If the u disk is too large, incompatibility may occur, please be aware)

Package Included: 

1 x Micro USB OTG Up Down degree Adapter Converter