Plugadget Mini PCI-E/mSATA Flexible Extender Cable Wire with SIM 8Pin Card Slot/MiniCard Extender Bracket for WIFI / WWAN/WLAN module

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Mini PCI-E X mSATA Flexible Extender Cable Wire Line.

The mPCIe/msata extender cable is not only suitable for Mini card( WIFI * WWAN*WLAN  module), but also suitable for Full-size and half-size MSATA SSD.

1. The mPCIe/msata extender cable is a debug and test tool, it's also a powerful tool for engineers and factory tests.

2. The mPCI-Eextender is designed to minimize the signal degradation effects of the extender by proven design techniques.

1. Supports both Full-size(30*50mm) and half-size(30*26.8mm) Mini PCI-E /Msata slot. 

2. Compliant with multi-system of PC, Supports any OS, like WindowsXP/7/8/10, WinCE & Linux etc.

3. High quality connectors for long service life and reliability.

4. No additional power required.

Package Included: 

1 x Mini PCI-E x mSATA Flexible Extender Cable