Plugadget Mini PCI-E to USB2.0 PCI Express Adapter Card Mini PCI-E to USB 2.0 Expansion Card

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  • Features:

  • This is an adapter's mini-card (miniiPCI and USB I/ F) slots to the USB2.0 interface. Expanding a USB2.0 interface through the mPCI-E slot, it is very suitable for connecting mini USB devices.
  • Allow your laptop to save an external USB slot. Insert your USB device into your laptop.
  • Transparent operating system, do not need any software driver.
  • Support full-size and half-size mini-slot. Not only is it suitable for full-size mini-card adapters, but it also applies to a half-size mini-card by removing extra full-size extensions.
  • It is ideal for any small USB device to enter the laptop's built-in, such as: USB wireless mouse receiver, USB Bluetooth Adapter, USB WiFi network adapter, USB flash memory, USB Card Reader (microSD/ M2), Screen silver U Shield.

  • Product model: MPCE1U2-N01
  • Product interface: MINI PCI-E USB2.0
  • Support system: for WIN2000/XP/Vista/Win7/Win8/LINUX
  • Size: Approx. 5 * 3 * 0.5cm

  • Precaution:
  • The MINI PCI-E standard of the notebook contains USB and 3.3V power supply. This product is introduced to USB cockpit, and the voltage of 3.3V is increased to 5V/ 1A voltage supply USB device.
  • Look at the working principle above, because the USB signal is from the computer output, some computer screens off the signal or there is no signal output, will cause this card can not be used, not the card's problem. You can search the whitening list of tutorials to unlock USB ports, so this product is ONLY suitable for computer-based users, please make sure you don't mind before you place an order, thank you.
  • Package included:
  • 1 x MINI PCI-E Card