Plugadget Mini RS-232 to RS-485 passive interface converter 485 converter DB9 to 3-wire terminal adapter

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To facilitate different standard serial interface with a computer , an external device or a smart remote data communications between instruments , the need for mutual conversion of a standard serial interface . 

The converter is compatible with RS-232,RS-485 Standards , to convert single-ended RS-232 to RS-485 Balanced differential signal, communication distance is extended to 1.2 Kilometer,No external power supply needed. 

features a unique \"RS-232 Charge Pump \"Drive ,Do not need to initialize RS-232 Serial port to get power supply,With zero delay automatic transceiver conversion, uniqueI / OCircuit automatically controls the data flow direction,Without any handshaking signals(AsRTS,DTRWait),Which ensures that theRS-232Half-duplex mode can be prepared by the procedure without changing theRS-485Mode operation , to ensure appropriate operation of the existing software and hardware interfaces , transfer rate converter 300-115.2Kbps.

Can be applied between the host computer , the host computer and the microcontroller or peripheral formed between point to point, multipoint remote multi-machine communication network,Multi-machine communication response.

Widely used in industrial automation and control systems, card , access control systems, parking systems , self-service banking system , bus charging system , canteen Canteen Systems, Inc. employee attendance management system , highway toll systems, etc.

Compact, use DB9 Connector,With a terminal .


Automatic transmission/Receive data without external flow control signals(RTS)

Power supply:The unique serial charge pump drive technology , no external power supply,True three-wire(TXD.RXD.GND)Wire communication , no need to initialize the serial port

Can connect 32 Network devices

Communication distance:1,200Meter

Communication speed:300BPS-115.2KBPS

Transmission medium:Twisted pair or shielded cable

Work:Asynchronous half-duplex (RS-485)

Applies to all communication software used,Plug and Play

Dimensions:64mm× 33mm × 17mm

Use of the environment :-25°To70°Relative humidity5%To95%

Support DOS/WIN95/WIN98/WIN2000/NT/XP/7/8/10 Linux,etc

Package Included: 

1 x RS-232 to RS-485 converter