Plugadget Mini SAS 36P SFF-8087 To 4 SATA 7 Pin Target Hard Disk Data Reverse Cable

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This is Reversed Cable, 4x7Pin Sata is host ,connect to the motherboard or RAID Controller with SATA ports. Mini SAS 36 (SFF-8087) is the target , connect to the Backplane with MINI-SAS port.

Before you buy this cable , please make sure the Mini SAS 36 (SFF-8087) on your backplane. 

Mini SAS 36 (SFF-8087) connect to the Backplane, 4 x SATA connect to 4 Controller.

Serial Attached SCSI (SAS) is a high-speed data storage interface designed for high-throughput and fast data access.


Compliant with Mini SAS 1.0 specification.

Compliant with SATA II specification.

Data transfer rate up to 6.0Gbps.

Mini SAS 4i SFF-8087 36-pin male connector for controller.

4 SATA 7-pin female connectors for drives.

SFF-8087 interface is mainly used for MINI SAS 4i array card, as the internal SAS cable,

SATA interface is mainly used to connect ordinary SATA hard drive.

This section of the cable to support 3Gbps * 4Lane four channels of data transmission, transmission rate of 6Gbps.

Length: 0.5 meter/1 meter

Transmission rate: 6G

Weight: 30g

Color: blue

Package Included:

1 x SFF-8087 To 4 SATA Reverse Cable