Plugadget mSATA to SATA SSD Enclosure mSATA to 2.5 SATA Adapter Solid State Drives SSD Hard Drive Converter to SATA 3.0 Card with Case Box

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This product only supports solid-state drives defined by the mSATA interface in mini pci-e. MSATA is not equal to 1.8-inch MICRO SATA.

It does not support the solid state hard disks defined by the SATA MINI PCIE (ASUS Signal) interface in mini pci-e, and it will burn the card if used incorrectly.


Material: Plastic


Interface:M.2 NGFF to 2.5" SATA


Soket 2 B key M.2 NGFF SSD(SATA transfer mode) to 2.5" SATA adapter.

The speed and other properties is not changed,only form conversion interface.

Support the 22*30 mm/22*42 mm/22*60 mm/22*80 mm size of M.2 NGFF (SATA) SSD.

You can connect it to desktop or laptop.

Transparent to the operating system and does not require any software drivers.

Only supports B + M KEY SOCKET 2 sata transmission protocol m. 2 NGFF SSD! It dose not support SATA Mini PCIE SSD.

Package Included:

1x Converter Adapter Case