Plugadget PCI-E Riser 3.0 4X X16 to U.2 SFF-8639 Adapter NVMe PCIe SSD PCI-e to U2 Card M.2 NGFF 2.5' SSD to PCI-EX16

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name: U 2 expansion card (SFF - 8639)

Models: PCIE X16 -u. 2


1. Integrated high-speed signal enhancement technique, full speedtransmission;

2. Accurate solid structure design;

3. Support U. 2 SSD and supports SATA SSD;

4. 5A high power DC TODC power supply module;

5. Long running stability and can work under wide temperature;

6. PCIE3.0 X16 GEN3 design, from the underlying technology to ensure full speed.

Package Included: 

1 x Adapter Card