Plugadget PCIE Combo 3 x 1394b Firewire Ports PCI-Express to 3port 1394b Controller Card 1394 card TI Chipset

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Product Type: PCI-E (x1) to 1394 B (beta only 9pin)

Product overview: external 1394B×2, internal 1394B×1

Main control chip: TI (Texas Instruments) XIO2213AZAY

Detailed specifications:

1. PCI-Express (X1) full duplex channel with a transmission rate of 2.5Gbps

2. Use TIXIO2213AZAY chipset

3. 2 1394B FireWire external ports + 1 1394B FireWire internal interface

4. Compatible PCI-Express 1.0a version

5. Comply with IEEE standard P1394b- 2002

6. Compliant with the 1394 Open Host Controller Interface (OHCI) specification revision 1.1 and 1.2 draft

7. Support 800/400/200/100Mbps transmission rate

8. Fully support plug and play and hot plug

9. Compatible with IEEE1394-1995 high-speed serial bus standard, compatible with IEEE 1394-2002 standard

10. Fully interoperable FireWire, iLink, SB1394, IEEE 1394 standards

11. IEEE1394b -2002 standard speed up to 800Mbps

System Requirements:

Suitable for desktop computers, at least one available PCI-E (x1) slot on the motherboard

Package Included: 

1 x PCIe FireWire 800 Card (2+1) Ports