Plugadget PCIE to 2xPS2 PS/2 Port For PC Keyboard Mouse Adapter Card

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This PCIE to 2-port PS/2 adapter card will allow users to add two independent PS2 ports on a desktop computer or server. 

It is suitable for users who only have PCIE card slots on the new motherboard and do not have a PS2 interface but need a PS2 interface. 

Support The device is hot-swappable, with a heat sink, fast heat dissipation, supports small chassis, no drive, plug and play. Applicable to all PS2 interface devices including mouse and keyboard.

A built-in USB2.0 pin can be connected to floppy drive, optical drive, panel, etc.

Built-in large 4Pin power supply socket, 4Pin socket fixed power socket 4Pin power interface, power supply is stable and sufficient, to ensure stable operation of the equipment, low power consumption, environmental protection and energy saving.

Suitable for PCI Express X1, X4, X8, X16 slots. Not applicable to PCI slots. Drive-free, plug and play, no need for external power supply.

Package Included: 

1 x PCIE to 2xPS2 card