Plugadget Plugadget RS232 To RS485 Converter serial port UT-201B

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1. Interface feature: RS-232C, RS-485 standard interface compatible with EIA TIA

2. Electric interface: RS-232 end DB9 hole connector RS-485 end DB9 needle connector with connection pole.

3. Working mode: asynchronism half-duplex (RS-485)

4. Transmission media: twisted -pair or STP

5. Transmission rate: 300-115.2KBPS

6. External discharge dimension: 63mm * 33mm * 17mm

7. Working circumstance: - 25 to 70 degree C, relative humidity 5%to95%     

8. Transmission distance: 1,200m(RS-485 end) 5m(RS-232 end)

9. Operating system: DOS/WIN95/WIN98/WIN2000/NI/XP/Linux and so on

10. Applies to all communication software, plug and pay

11. Max 32 pieces  face devices can connect

12. Power: Unique serial port charge pump driving technology, no need external power, real 3 wire communication (TXD, RXD, GND), no need initialize serial port

13. Auto send/receive data, without external flow control signal (RTS)

14. serial port rs232

Package Included: 

1 x RS232 To RS485 Converter