Plugadget RS-232/RS-485 to 4 Ports RS-485 Hub (Din Rail) 4 Port RS485 HUB Adapter

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RS-232/RS-485 to 4 Ports RS-485 Hub (Din Rail)

Specification model: UT-5204

Standards: RS-232C、RS-485 EIA/TIA

Interface: RS-232C: 10 bits terminal block

RS-485: 10 bits terminal block

Transmission media: twisted-pair or shielded cable

Working mode: asynchronous half-duplex

Operating power: 9-30VDC/350mA

LEDs for indicating PWR TXD, RXD, and E1-E4 activity

Isolated voltage 2,500VRMS 500 DC, DC/DC module

Baudrate: 300bps-115.2kbps

Protection level: RS-232 ±15KV ESD protection

RS-485 provides with 600W lightning, surge protection each line

Transmission distance: 0-5,000m (115,200-300bps)

Dimension: 120mm×80mm×25mm

Operating temperature: -40℃ to 85℃

Relative humidity: 5% to 95%

Work with all communication software, plug & play

Package Included: 

1 x RS-232/RS-485 to 4 Ports RS-485 Hub