Plugadget RS-232 RS232 to RS485 RS-485 commercial grade high-performance passive interface converter adapter communication protocol

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Equipment characteristics :

EndGood surge protectionAbility.

Source code conversion does not damage data.

Passive converter to connect and easy to use.

Strong active converter drive capability.

Multiple communication ports protection.

Compact design easy to install connection.

No source code converter

The converter can be RS-232 serial port for data transmission and data reception signal into a half-duplex two-wire RS-485 balanced signal. It is the best choice for remote control device or a multipoint bus communication . The interface converter , no external AC or DC power supply, the power supply can be obtained directly from the RS-232 port. Has automatic control function to send data when sending and receiving data does not enable control , so the serial automatic flow control so you do not have to reset the hardware or software installation. Complete surge protection, you can ensure that the entire RS-485 network security.

Device parameters:

Signal Input:One -way RS-232 control code

Signal output:One -way RS-485 control code

Termination:Resistance 120Ω

Communication rate:1200 ~ 9600bit / s

Ambient temperature:-10 ~ 55

Ambient humidity:≤90RH ( non-condensing )

Dimensions:88mm (L) × 33mm (W) × 18 mm (H)



1 x RS232 to RS485 converter