Plugadget SAS SATA Cables SFF-8643 To 4 SFF-8482 Internal Mini SAS HD to 4 29pin SFF-8482 connector with SAS 15pin Power Port 12GB/S Cable

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  • Features:

  • Note: 29pin SFF-8482 is 7+7+15 pin, the middle 7 pin is empty, it don't effect to use.

  • side 1: Internal Mini SAS sff-8643
  • side 2: (4) 29pin SFF-8482 connectors with SAS 15pin power port
  • cable: 30awg
  • cable length: 0.5/1 meters
  • cable Color: black & Blue.
  • Transmission rate 12 Gbps.

  • Internal Mini SAS SFF-8643 to (4) 29pin SFF-8482 connectors with power connecting a SAS controller (SFF-8643) to four SATA/SAS disks (SFF-8482)

  • Please note that Mini SAS (SFF-8643) is host, 4 SAS 29 (SFF-8482) is target, internal Mini Serial Attached SCSI x4 (SFF-8643) to (4) x1 (SFF-8482) Serial Attached SCSI (controller based) fan-out cables

  • Before you buy this cable, Please make sure the Mini SAS (SFF-8643) on your motherboard or RAID controller. If the Mini SAS (SFF-8643) on your backplane, this cable will not work with them

  • Mini SAS (SFF-8643) connect to the controller, 4 SAS connect to the HDD (hard disc driver)

  • Applications

  • Data/Communications

  • 1.RAID (Redundant Array of Independent Disks ),2.Workstations,3.Rack-mount server,4.Servers,5.Storage rack.
  • Package included:
  • 1 x SFF-8643 To 4 SFF-8482 cable