Plugadget SD Memory Card To 3.5" 40Pin Male IDE Hard Disk Drive Adapter Secure Digital Converter HDD Adapter For PC Computer Desktop

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This converter is specifically designed For SD cards convert to ATA IDE interface, which works as standard IDE storage device. A bootable solution for PC installation and applications of OS.

Type:SD To IDE 40P 3.5" Adapter

Makes SD flash memory card be a super compact, cost efficient, anti-shock, low power consumption, no acoustic noise and fast access time HD.

Enables IT engineers and embedded technology enthusiasts to use SD/MMC card as a normal IDE 3.5" hard disk.

Provides an alternative for data storage and transfer or test for mainboard, sound card, display card and memory card, etc.

Product specification:

1 x Standard 3.5" IDE hard disk driver 40pin male connector

1 x Standard big 4 pin power connector

1 x Standard SD socket.

Support PIO, Multi-word DMA,Ultra DMA Host data transfer mode.

Compatible with DOS, Windows 98SE, Me, 2000, XP and Vista & Linux.

Bootable, install OS and application on SD card.

D-IDE conversion interface board instructions: The power supply seat can be supplied with a power supply by a hard disk.

The card can only be powered by 5V, and the normal working voltage is 5V + 0.25V. Operating current less than 200mA. IDE socket, please select 80 PIN hard disk connection line.

SD socket supports maximum 4GB SD card. Connect the power and the IDE cable. After the SD socket is inserted into the SD card, the conversion board is equivalent to an electronic hard disk without installing the driver.

After installing the operating system, you can start the operating system via the SD memory card (such as windows98 ,etc.).

The data rate is high, roughly the same speed as the system hard disk drive (ATA/133, U-DMA, Mode3).

Easy installation Mini board design and no space wasted. Notice: Some of the mother board required to enable LBA mode and disable DMA transfer mode.

Due to the different monitor and light effect,the actual color maybe a slight different from the picture color.


1 x SD To IDE 40P 3.5" Adapter