Plugadget Small size HDMI Repeater Extender HDMI Amplifier Booster 130 Feet 40M 4k*2k 1080p

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This HDMI Repeater 4k*2k can extend up to 40 meters. The input HDMI signal can be decoded and re-encoded to regenerate a new standard HDMI signal, so that the signal is not attenuated, and low-resolution signals can be transmitted longer; without power supply, Plug and play, easy to install and adjust. Support: 3D and 1080.


1. HDMI: Compliant with HDMI 1.4

2. HDMI HDCP: Compliant with HDCP 1.1

3. Operating frequency: 165 mhz

4.HDMI data rate: 1.65 g bps (single link)

5. Input/output resolution: HD: 480 i@60hz 480 i@50hz 480 p@60hz 576 p@50hz 720 p@60hz 720 p@50hz 1080 i@60hz 1080 i@50hz 1080 p@60hz 1080 p@50hz 1080 p@30hz,1080 p@25hz,1080 p@24hz

6. Support 3D

7. Distance support with twisted pair cable: more than 40 meters

8. Size: (W * H * D): 28 x13x51mm

Package Included: 

1 x HDMI Repeater 4k*2k