Plugadget USB 3.0 B Male 90 Degree Right Angle to B Female USB3.0 BM to BF printer cable for Printers scanners Hard Disk 30cm(1ft)

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Color: Blue

Length: 30cm(1ft)

Connector 1: USB 3.0 B male 90 Degree Right Angle

Connector 2: USB 3.0 B female

Use for Printers scanners Hard Disk

Support for USB 3.0 speed transmission, data transmission is more convenient and quick.

Wire characteristics:

- Anaerobic copper - environmental quality of pure copper wire core, work stability, high transmission speed;

- double aluminum foil + aluminum foil double shielding, strong anti-interference ability, stable transmission;

- data twisted-pair wires (impedance matching), and minimize cable signal cross harass;

- USB 3.0 transmission specification, provide up to 5 GBPS data transfer rate;

- elastic PVC jacket: flexible smooth, bending/aging/wear resistant, durable;

Package Included:

1 x USB 3.0 90 Degree Right Angle Printer Cable