Plugadget USB2.0 Extender 50m network transmission signal transceiver amplifier RJ45 with power supply black MT-250FT

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Connection instructions:

1. Connect one section of the AM data cable to the host computer, and the other section to the (USB IN) port of the extender transmitter.

2. Connect one section of the network cable to the (CAT5e) port of the transmitting end, and the other section to the (CAT5e) port of the receiving end.

3. Insert the 5V output end of the power adapter into the power port of the extender, and connect the external USB device to the (USB OUT) port.

1. The USB signal is transmitted by a single network cable, which is easy to use and install. The maximum length of the network cable can be extended to 50 meters.

2. Supports USB2.0 protocol, the highest transmission rate is up to 480Mbps, and the output end with USB HUB can be backward compatible with USB1.1 protocol.

3. The transmission signal is an uncompressed signal, and the data transmission speed can reach the USB2.0 standard speed.

4. Support standard CAT5/CAT5E/CAT6 category.

5. It can be connected to various USB2.0 devices, printers, webcams, hard drives, mobile phones, digital cameras, game controllers, etc.

Package Included: 

1 x USB2.0 extender

1 x USB ·AM-AM Cable

1 x Power Adapter