Plugadget USB3.0 PCI-E PCI Express X1 Expansion Card Front 5Gb/s USB 3.0 HUB 19PIN Interface Controller Adapter for PC Desktop

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Interface:PCI-E X 1
Compatible PCI-E slot:X1-X4/x8/x16
Interface: 4 X USB3.0
Current: Independent 2A Per interface
Transfer Rate: 5 Gb/s USB3.0
Applicable models: Conventional desktop
Support system: Windows XP32/64 Windows 7(32/64)windows8/8.1 windows10

Product size: 120X90X69mm

1. High speed operation core, high compatibility
2.The card comes with 2A power supply and do not need external power supply, 330 12X12mm inductor is better than 100 10X10mm one.
3.Each interface equips with independent interface protection fuse, and immediately cut off the power while external USB short circuit or overcurrent happens, protect external divices and computer from damage, automatically return to normal after troubleshooting
4.Each interface equips with independent regulated capacitor, guarantee smooth power supply without interface, also can undertake 250° celsius with Solid chip capacitor, strong endurance
5.With immersion gold process, good electrical conductivity, strong antioxidant capacity, it can guarantee stable transmission
6.8A super power supply
7.Four phase power supply module
8.Four independent power supply
9.Four interfaces work total independently and do not affect each other.
10.Four independent fuses
11.USB3.0 interface rate 5Gbps (transmit 1G movie needs only 10S) Speed reachs about 160MB/S
12.the back of PCI-e card equips with 2 USB3.0 19pin interface, direct access available if chassis comes with USB3.0 interface, otherwise use with front panel.

1 X Expansion Card