Plugadget Wireless BCM94360CS2 PCIE BT2 12+6 Pin Bluetooth WiFi Card Module to M.2 NGFF Key B+M Adapter for Mac OS

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Features and Specification:

1. This adapter is suitable for BCM94360CS2/BCM943602CS/BCM94360CS2/BCM943224PCIEBT2 card.

2. This adapter is not suitable for notebook/laptop due to height bottleneck limit, it is suitable for desktop motherboard with NGFF(M.2)  key M  connector

3. Supports only 2260/2280 type M.2 key M connector.

4. No additional power required

5. Dimension: 82x21.80mm(LxW)

6. Requirement: NGFF(M.2) key M connector on motherboard

7. Feature: Gold finger is B+M key, Support Key A-E.

M.2 BCM94360CS2 Adapter


BCM94360CS2 Wireless Card to NGFF M.2 Key M Adapter for Macbook OS and Hackintosh.

Suitable for desktop motherboard with NGFF(M.2) key M connector,such as Asus,MSI and GIGABYTE Z170 ITX series motherboard.

Supports only 2280 type M.2 key M connector.No additional power required.

Not need any driver,because the adapter card does not carry any chip.No chip,no such problem as driver and compatibility. 

The adapter card only changes the interface form of the wireless module,but not change any performance of the module.


1. suitable for M-key SSD NGFF work.

2.This adapter contain BCM94360CS2

Package Included: 

1 x Adapter And BCM94360CS2