Plugadget Wireless M.2 A+E Key Slot To M.2 M Key Wifi Bluetooth Adapter For Intel AX200 9260 bcm94352Z Card NVMe PCI express SSD Port

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M.2 Key E to M.2 Key M Adapter

NOTE: This adapter does not support any A Key and E Key wireless network cards of CNVI protocol.

Function: Convert the M.2 KEY-M interface of the motherboard or notebook to M.2 KEY A-E or KEY E interface.


1. This product only supports A+E key and E key M.2 NGFF PCIE protocol wireless network card type wireless module.

2. Some M.2 NGFF wireless network cards only support Windows 10 operating system (like 9260AC, 9260NGW only supports win 10 system). Some M.2 NGFF wireless network cards do not support AMD motherboards (Such as 9560AC, 9260AC does not support AMD motherboard)

3. HP/Dell and Lenovo ThinkPad computers have whitelist restrictions, not all M.2 NGFF wireless network cards can be used, before buying wireless network cards and wireless network card sellers ditch Clear! Another point to note is that M.2 NGFF wireless modules removed from HP, Dell and Lenovo ThinkPad computers may not be compatible if they are installed on other brands.

4. The adapter card does not require any drivers. You need to install the driver of your own wireless network card module itself, the wireless network card module does not have a driver or the driver installation error is not working properly!

5. The riser card only changes the interface form of the wireless module and does not change any performance of the module.

Package Included: 

1 x NGFF M key to A+E Key Slot Adapter Card(The m.2 wifi card not included)

1 x USB Cable