Plugadget Wireless PCIEBT2 12+6 Pin Bluetooth WiFi Card Module to M.2 NGFF Key B+M Adapter for Mac OS For BCM94360CD BCM94360CS2

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1. This adapter is suitable for BCM94360CS2/BCM943602CS/BCM94360CS2/BCM943224PCIEBT2 card.

2. This adapter is not suitable for notebook/laptop due to height bottleneck limit, it is suitable for desktop motherboard with NGFF(M.2)  key M  connector

3. Supports only 2260/2280 type M.2 key M connector.

4. No additional power required

5. Dimension: 82x21.80mm(LxW)

6. Requirement: NGFF(M.2) key M connector on motherboard

7. Feature: Gold finger is B+M key, Support Key A-E.

Not included BCM94360CD BCM94360CS2

Package Included: 

1 x Adapter(Not included BCM94360CD BCM94360CS2